This last weekend, I had my bachelorette party in Boulder. To all the women who I got to hang out with, thank you! I am overwhelmed by how much you all care. Rather than spending a bunch of time going out and being loud and ridiculous, we spent our weekend at the farmer’s market (where Mom got to join us!), hiking in Chautauqua, and touring the Celestial Seasonings Tea Factory. We did go through a bottle and a half of wine and giggled all evening, which was about as stereotypical as it got. And it was perfect.

The best part of everything, for me, was the time I got to spend with the people. At the brewery where we had dinner, we all put our IDs down and laughed; collectively, we represented Utah, North Carolina, Kansas, Colorado, New York, and Maine. (I think…Erika owns land in Maine, currently rents in New Hampshire, and works in Massachusetts. The East Coast confuses me.) We confused the waitress, that’s for sure!

But I also loved the gifts I was given. Each person got me one of their favorite books and wrote me a note on the inside cover about our story of friendship or about the story in the books. I got a wide variety of books, from fiction to science to adventure. I think it’s one of the most meaningful things they could have done for me.

And it made me think about other beautiful friendships I’ve watched that I want to emulate. So let me share a couple of other stories.

Just before my granny had my mom, she and Grandpa lived in upstate New York. That’s where Granny met Sandy Cincebox, and they’ve been friends ever since. That’s despite Granny moving to Colorado, Ohio, back to Colorado, and then to California! Several years ago, Sandy got herself and Granny matching mugs and they sit for an hour or so every Sunday afternoon, sometimes on the phone but usually not, and have tea “together.”

Another story of friendship I learned from my mentor teacher, Jackie. One of her closest friends has a rare form of bone cancer and sees a specialist in Houston. Jackie goes with her to EVERY SINGLE doctor’s appointment to help translate for her friend from science-ese to plain English. It gives her friend a sense of confidence and security to know that she’ll understand everything that’s going on.

Friendship is, I think, one of the most beautiful things we have. I’ve had the fortune to learn how important it is through watching these friendships around me and having really amazing friends. I’ve also lost friends who were really important to me, and I carry that with me as I go through life as well. I try to make sure I carry that in a way that helps me value the friendships I have now.

Your homework: What friendships have you watched and learned from? Also, call someone up and tell them what they mean to you!

Hej då,



2 thoughts on “Friendships

  1. Jamie that was beautiful! Friendship is a special thing that can not be bought. I am so excited for the wedding and you becoming Mrs. Melton. Love Aunt Jan


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