What Are the Three Parts of Me?

Sometimes I visualize people as precious stones, faceted to reflect different kinds of light. Depending on who you are and what situation you’re in, you might see very different sides of people than in a different context. I’ve defined three facets of myself for you: nerd, old-lady-hobbit (and I do mean this as a complement to old ladies everywhere!) and adventurer.

Adventurer: I proudly claim to be Colorado born and bred, for five generations. My great-grandfather helped blast Loveland Pass (Highway 6, not the tunnel) and I grew up swimming in rivers and lakes and playing on mountains. I was an alpine ski racer and mountain bike racer and now officiate ski races. I swim, do yoga, hike, backpack, and really love to travel.

Nerd: I claim three distinct brands of nerd. First, I am a scientist. I love biology, biochemistry, field research, and in general understanding how our world works. Second, I am a high school teacher. I think deeply about the art and science of learning and teaching. And third, I am a reader and writer. I know way too much about Harry Potter (fanfiction writer here) although I’ll read most anything voraciously.

Old-lady-hobbit: These are the moments when I feel like a domestic goddess. I am really satisfied by doing chores like the dishes or laundry (but I hate vacuums; they’re noisy!). I love to knit and to cook, though I have a special place in my heart for baking.  I love classical music. I write letters (on paper, and send them with stamps) to my friends and I am most happy with a small group of close friends or in my own quiet company.

All of these three parts of me overlap and intertwine in weird and interesting ways. I actually think it’s really important to acknowledge that we contain multitudes and to seek balance between them. Every good trait has a dark underside, and having these seemingly contradictory traits can help balance those things out.

So even though I am currently acting in the nerd domain (by writing this page for you) I am also going to give you homework. I’m a teacher. So your homework here: what are the biggest parts of your personality? What do you like about those parts of you? What don’t you like? How do these things balance out?

Hej då,



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