When Do I Post?

This always seems to be a VERY important thing to talk about. Knowing when someone posts gives their blog (or Facebook, or Twitter, or fanfiction site) some structure.

I’m planning on posting every Sunday. Because I’m posting about so many things, I know you won’t all be interested in everything I write. And that’s ok! But so you know when to check in to see what you want, here’s my plan for the moment.

  • The first Sunday of the month will be an Adventurer post.
  • The second Sunday of the month will be a Nerd post.
  • The third Sunday of the month will be an Old-Lady-Hobbit post.
  • The fourth Sunday of the month will somehow involve two or more of these categories. It will be an important reminder that I am, despite my multitudes, a single human being.
  • I know we occasionally get fifth Sundays in a single month. At the moment I’m using these to reflect on the process of writing this blog, but if you have other ideas let me know!

I have an alternate title for this post: The Value of Structure. One thing I’ve learned from teaching is that it’s important to have just the right amount of structure in the classroom and on an assignment I give students. Too much, and they feel like their creativity is stifled or like I’m patronizing them. Too little and they don’t know how to begin or feel overwhelmed.

But no one can hit that happy-right-amount-of-structure point every day. So as a teacher, if I’m going to miss that point, it’s much better to err on the side of too much. Then I can dismantle it for students who don’t need it, and the students who do are comfortable.

Your homework (always!): Where do you enjoy having structure in your life? Where do you enjoy having freedom?

Hej då,